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Tuesday, June 07, 2016


US Doctors are Harder than Salary Men

Or is that more selfish? In surveys of Japanese and US doctors asking whether each would go to work at various levels of fever the results were as given above, with US doctors choosing to skip work less than Japanese salaried men and women. Particularly at the 39.5 degree Celsius, 101 -102.9 (=39.5 degree Celsius) nearly twice as many salarymen choose to skip work as compared to US doctors. This may demonstrate that they are made of sterner stuff, or that they care a little less about infecting their co-workers and clients. Bibliography Truong, K. K., Huang, S. S., Dickey, L., Cao, C., Perret, D., Swaroop, B., ... & Gohil, S. K. (2015, December). 328Do No Harm: Attitudes Among Physicians and Trainees About Working While Ill. In Open Forum Infectious Diseases (Vol. 2, No. suppl 1, pp. S135-S136). Oxford University Press. http://ift.tt/22LfFlM オリスリス(2013) . 体温37.9度は高いか低いか。何度熱が出たら会社を休む?.マイナビスチューデント調べ. http://ift.tt/22LfkQ5 http://flic.kr/p/GZKpGz

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