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Friday, March 06, 2015


Face up to It: Kyari Pamyupamyu and the End of the World

Face up to It

It is a matter of some merriment that the two Japanese artists that represent the visual version of the Freudian trinity, and the Watsujian self as mask, in their work, are dating each other.

Doll-like envizualised KyariPamyuPmayu is haunted by a vast watcher (and spews up eyeballs), and broken, seeking Fukase is haunted by a massive 'watched' - a fat man in a grotesque mask. [There have been two of the masked clowns, bottom, rear, called "DJ LOVE," and second generation JD LOVE so its presence is clearly by design.]

And at least in August for 2014, Kyari Pamyupamyu and Fukase, the lead singer of The End of the World (Sekai no Owari) , were a couple.

I think that this just goes to show that one can see the horror and be creative and happy. It may also perhaps illustrate the sort of mindset expressed by Fukase's song "Phantom Self." At about 3:40 in to the song (preceded by some fascinating viisual art) Fukase sings, "If you meet a phantom in a dream, that is not a phantom any more. I will become an phantom myself." That seems like a very healthy attitude to have and he may be putting it into practice. Fukase is looking more and more like his clown. I hope they are all happy.

I was going to say that Fukase's philosophy is religious, absurd, or both, and like Nishida's perhaps it is, but the real beauty of the visual self is that it does not need to be real, or even thought to be real, to be believed. See this video, by the doyen of the visual self, Olaf Blanke, for proof. The sort of leap, required to believe in a self as narrative is a lot more tricky. Narrative calls for honesty, which the narrative self is is not.

So, as science advances and shows us all those ridiculous things that I write about on my other blog, such as that the universe is flat and oval, and it becomes more and more difficult to deny what is really going on, there may be no alternative, for scientists at least, but to become Japanese:-) It is not easy though. I can't say I have managed to silence the evil whispering and believe, video ergo sum.

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