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Sunday, May 25, 2014


Children's Picture Book about Urination

Picture Book about Urination
As previously noted (1, 2)Japan is human waste friendly. This children's picture book is not so much about potty training, as a book that takes the tittering out of tinkling.

It simply shows that Nontan, the cat pictured and all his friends, urinate, and that sometimes (as in this case) this may happen accidentally. On each of the pagers there is either a picture of one ore more characters saying "what is that tinkling sound?" or a picture of one or more characters urinating. On the final page of the book (above) the titular character is shown wetting himself. The book indulges the readers taste for toilet humour, and disippates it by being matter of fact.

In a survey of issues that were taboo between partents and children in the UK and Japan it was found that while sex and menstruation were equally taboo in both nations (contra my hypotheses), human waste was a topic of breakfast time conversation in Japan, but in the UK, "you have got to be kidding." (Peter E. Bull, and Timothy Takemoto, c2000)

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Human waste is a taboo topic in some Japanese families and best avoided when dining with some Japanese.
My mother never allowed me to mention poop or urine while eating. My father could say anything he likes (he's a typical patriarchal 亭主関白 tyrant) but my mother would frown. Women are more (supposed to be) antagonistic about such topics except they're from small children. I had a female friend who didn't allow me to mention toilet while dining in a restaurant, and I was just telling how hard to find a flush button (it was a high-tech toilet).
Thank you N.N.

You are right...a confounding factor has got to be gender.


I don't think that a British dad, even if patriarchal, would mention, or be allowed to mention such things.
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