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Friday, April 24, 2009


The Poo Poo Song

As mentioned previously, faeces are less taboo in Japan and Japanese people are more likely to discuss their faeces with members of their immediate family for instance. Presumably to encourage discussion and awareness of faeces, the Japanese Toilet Research Association has released a song and promotional video called "The Poo Poo Song" (or "faeces excercise dance") for which this image is a screen shot of the promotional video, which can be seen on Youtube.

The realease of the music was announed in this news article.

The music can be purchased here. I have ordered a copy at ten dollars plus postage.

Where there is an English version, which can be previewed here. The English words are

How's your tummy, hows your poopy
Dr. Poopalot has this to say,
Chew your breakfast, chew it chew it
After breakfast poopy do,
Shiny poopy, rocky poopy, skinny poopy, slimy pooh
Shiny poopy, rocky poopy, skinny poopy, slimy pooh
Shine pooh is very healthy
when you....

The full Japanese words are listed here.

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I agree that the cultural associations of feces in Japan is quite different to other cultures, such as in New Zealand. I was interested to see that there are also many books and cartoons for children on how to go to the toilet, e.g. Pantsu Pankuro is one book that I bought for my child. I think that it seems to put the reality into children's lives instead of leaving it a taboo subject.
Thanks Mike, I may buy the Pantsu Pankuro book.

Here is an example of Pantsu Pankuro on Youtube.
∥wc∥ ヾ(^ ^ゞ =з =з =

Learn about sanitation for children. Very creative and interesting.
Thanks timothy for the youtube link will be purchasing the music soon :)
Hi Timothy,

I'm a comedy writer for Cracked.com and am working up an article on seemingly odd Japanese video games. Specifically I'd like to be able to point out what nuances of Japanese culture encourage these games to pop up, something I think you're uniquely qualified to help with.

I'd be happy to link to you for any thoughts you can offer. These articles typically to 300k - 400k in hits in just a couple of days and into the millions beyond that so it's pretty legit stuff.

Shoot me an email if you're interested in talking more.

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