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Friday, May 25, 2012


Whale Bun Tasting

Here I am tasting a PETA approved whale bun.

I think that killing animals is tragic. I have had relationships with cows and pigs (as I have with my dog) and find them to be as intelligent as dogs, which means pretty intelligent, and personable. We kill them at the rate of millions a day. Importantly, many of the cows, pigs and other animas that we kill live all their lives in boxes, in situations of immeasurable cruelty. It is for this reason especially that I dislike hunting of wild animals, that have enjoyed a life of freedom, far far less than that of the slaughter of "factory" farmed animals.

Another factor to be considered is, as the PETA page linked above points out, that cows and pigs have a body weight far less than that whales. For the number of buns or burgers that can be made from a whale is far greater than that can be made from a cow. No one in their right mind (though I have heard it said by anti-whalers) can think that big means more worthy of protection. Humans typically weigh less than cows and pigs. The suffering is in the mind and fewer minds that are made to suffer the better.

I also disapprove of making species extinct, for a variety of reasons, but the Japanese are careful to ensure that they are not making the whales that they hunt extinct by their policy of scientific whaling.

I would prefer it the Japanese stated that they whaled to measure the whale population (which they do, with a view to reinstating whaling) and also to eat them, which they, and I, clearly do.

Generally speaking I like Western culture as much as I like that of Japan where I live. One of the areas however in which I am ashamed to be a Westerner is that pertaining to the Western portrayal of whaling as something cruel. It is cruel. But it is nice compared to the slaughter of battery farmed animals, a practice that Westerners do with abandon.

To all those vegans that disapprove of whaling - I appreciate your point. Killing animals is horrifying, tragic and ideally, to be avoided.

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