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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Nose Clamp

Nose Clamp
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Thank you to John for recommending this product. This is the best or worst product ever.

On front
Nose Up!
(Anti-bacterial, Anti-odorant. New Release)
Make your little nose shine more beautifully. An essential product for your nose.

On rear (cartoon)
So where and when do you use CoCo?

"Just like me, sniff." thinks a brown haired Asian, wearing a nose clamp, while a watching blonde person on television)

On rear (instruction for use)
1) Adjust the screws at the end so that it does not hurt your nose while clamping.
2) Once you have adjusted the size, quietly (sic. gently) clamp your nose with CoCo.
3) Do not use for long periods of time.
4) Please stop using this device immediately should anything happen to your skin etc.
5) Do not use while driving or sleeping.
6) Keep out of reach of children.

Made in Korea, Imported by Sera in Tokyou, 03-3863-6091

I think that the preference for pointed noses is partly a subliminal effect of watching Western movies. Westernisation through the media helps to foster a creeping racial self-hatred among the not-long-nosed races. In any event, as Kowner (2004) has shown, the more Japanese believe themselves to have traditional Japanese features, the more they believe themselves to be unattractive. Isn't that horribly tragic? If I were Japanese I would feel antipathy towards products like this.

Fortunately, due to Japanese occularcentrism, the Japanese have a far greater tendency to emulate the Western look than the Western mind, but alas, there is a growing tendency to import Western psychology too. Bibliography
Kowner, R. (2004). When Ideals Are Too‘ Far Off’: Physical Self-Ideal Discrepancy and Body Dissatisfaction in Japan. Genetic, social, and general psychology monographs, 130(4), 333–364. Retrieved from http://east-asia.haifa.ac.il/staff/kovner/%2818%29Kowner.2004b.pdf

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