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Sunday, May 14, 2006


De Rigueur Cute

De Rigueur Cute
Originally uploaded by timtak.
This cuddly toy stands on the counter of a general hospital in Yamaguchi. It is about 30cm (1 foot) in height and larger than average new-born infant. The toy was made by a patient who donated it to the hospital. The style is that of the extremely popular character, "Hello Kitty" (a proper noun), wearing a pink nurse's uniform. I think that it would be unusual to see a cuddly toy of this size on a British hospital reception counter. The hospital is aiming, I think, to create a certain sort of protective, sanitized, motherly atmosphere. No Japanese hospital reception counter would be complete without one.

Between its legs, by chance, is a pine cone containing stuffed, coloured cloth balls. The phone is connects to a local taxi company.

"Hello Kitty" the name and design is copyright/tm Sanrio corporation.

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