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Monday, September 26, 2005


Sex Related Pharmaceuticals

Sex Related Pharmaceuticals
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The condoms and sexual strength enhancement potions on sale in a Japanese chemist.

The top rows contain a variety of sexual strength enhancement potions, such as Maca (a peruvian root) and extract of tortoise. There are many varieties of condom beneath. Japanese condoms are smaller and thinner than those sold in the UK.

The Japanese are big users and producers of condoms, with contraceptive pill being illegal until only a few years ago. Feminists see the absense of the pill as further evidence for the servile status of the Japanese woman.

I believe that his is related to the fact that women's sex organs are considerably more taboo than those of men. Men's hang out, and can be encapsulate in latex, but interfering with the dreaded womb would is treasonable.

Sadly, from the point of view of HIV prevention, the Japanese have been using less condoms recently, not apparently because they are using the contraceptive pill, but because they are having unsafe sex. One day soon HIV will hit Japan fairly hard.

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